Before and After: IT Works Hair, Skin and Nails Review

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I have always been obsessed with long hair and as soon as my hair would grow to shoulder length, I would get tired of blow drying it and the upkeep so I would cut it. Of course, after cutting it, I would regret it lol. About two years ago, I decided to go on a Hair journey and grow Long, Thick, Healthy hair. First, I stopped applying a chemical relaxer to my hair, which was tough at first but has gotten much easier. I also did more Deep Conditioning treatments, oil treatments, as well as Protein treatments.

One important factor that I added to my Healthy Hair Routine was a Biotin Pill. I’ve tried many different kinds of Biotin pills through the years but my Absolute favorite Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin where I’ve actually seen results was from It Works. I heard a lot of talk about this company (known for their Wraps) but also had great reviews on the HSN (Hair, Skin, Nail) pills. My friend sells the brand, so I decided to do the 3 month Hair Growth Challenge. I had to take 2 pills per day (with a meal) and drink plenty of water to achieve best results. I’ve noticed a lot of new growth since taking the vitamins. I had gotten a lot of shellac done on my nails, which eventually made them brittle but still taking the HSN vitamins and giving my nails a break, I’ve noticed a huge improvement.

It Works Hair, Skin, and Nails enhances your own natural collagen and keratin production, supports healthy cell growth, and boosts your body’s free radical fighting defenses. HSN has these Four benefits:

Boosts your natural collagen and keratin production.
Supports the body’s defenses against free radical damage.
I am currently taking the HSN vitamins but I will post a photo; Before HSN and 1 Month after using HSN. I am Very happy with my results and cannot wait to see the final results when I’m finished with the 3rd bottle of HSN. If you are interested in growing your hair faster and healthier, I will list the information below. I purchased my It Works HSN vitamins from Hillary Dutra and her website is After clicking the link, go to the Shop link(top of the website), and then to the Skin category to find the supplements. That’s all you have to do and it ships right to your doorstep. I will do another Update in a month or 2. Feel free to ask Hillary or I any questions!

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