What’s in my Michael Kors bag?

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It’s fun and interesting to know what other girls carry in the purses. A woman’s purse is her sanctuary. Some people carry the bare minimum while others carry everything but the kitchen sink. I’ve been guilty of both depending on which purse I’m wearing. I usually carry a medium size handbag because I like to carry a lot of things …

The Best Of: Under Eye Concealers

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Concealers are such an essential product to have in our makeup bags. Many of us, have the normal dark circles under the eyes and need to cover them up before we face the world. Whether you had a sleepless night, had to study for exams all night, or the baby kept you up, have no worries! I have tested out …

What’s in My Walmart Beauty Spring Box 2016🌻

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Hi Dolls! This box came with a variety of makeup, skincare, and hygiene products! I would definitely encourage all of you ladies to sign up for the Next Box- the Summer Box! These items can all  be foundat your local drugstore, Target, and Walmart. What Subscriptions’ are you signed up with?

The Best of: Drugstore Brow Products✨

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Brows, Brows and more Brows! Eyebrows are such an important feature on the face. It frames the eyes and can pull any look together when done correctly. Even after the perfect wax, tweeze, or thread to the brows, it may still be missing something. That’s where makeup can help to create the illusion of fuller, thicker brows. There are so many Brow products …